We are EnergyZero

We believe in a world where no margin is charged on energy.
Where sustainable behavior is rewarded and energy can be generated and shared locally. We bring energy and technology together on our platform and, as an EnTech company, work towards a world where it is not about more and more, but rather less.

With an innovative business model and smart partnerships, we are taking an important step into the future.

Profiting on energy consumption is out of date in this. Instead, we want to actively help change energy consumption.

Through our platform, our business partners gain access to the energy market to develop new products and services that are both sustainable and profitable. Contributing to these changes in the industry is our mission.

We have a strong driven team that works every day with enthusiasm and understanding of our mission.

Become part of our team!

We are always looking for new talent. People who get excited by our mission and, like us, seek radical change in the energy market.

Are you interested?

Working at EnergyZero

About EnergyZero

EnergyZero was founded in 2014 by Auke Ferwerda, with the ambition to innovate the energy market and make it accessible to businesses. So that consumers are encouraged to use less energy: EnergyZero.

The executive team consists of:

Hans Valk
Auke Ferwerda
Founder and Business Development
Stephan Plat

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