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EnergyZero makes every effort to ensure that the information on this site is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. EnergyZero reserves the right to change the content of the information on this site. Should there nevertheless be any inaccuracies in the data or should the information no longer be up to date, EnergyZero accepts no liability if there are failures or interruptions of or errors or delays in the provision of information.

EnergyZero does not guarantee that email or other electronic messages will be received and processed in a timely manner. EnergyZero accepts no liability for any consequences of not receiving or processing email or other electronic messages in a timely manner. EnergyZero accepts no responsibility for the content of sites to which or from which reference is made by hyperlink or otherwise. Although it goes without saying, please note that a visitor to this site may not disclose or reproduce in any way any copyrighted works or other information, images or documents contained in the site without the express written permission of EnergyZero. This includes the reproduction of information and/or parts thereof by online or offline publication.

EnergyZero has set up this website as a service to Internet users in general and to its customers in particular. This website is made available under the following conditions.

Privacy statement
EnergyZero is aware that as a user you put your trust in our services. We therefore consider it our responsibility to protect your privacy. Read more about our privacy policy on this page.

Terms of Use
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This website contains a number of elements subject to intellectual property rights of EnergyZero BV and third parties, such as: drawings, photographs, texts and the graphic design of the pages in general. In addition, this website provides access to databases, which have been compiled at considerable cost. To protect the interests of EnergyZero and those of third parties, the following usage restrictions apply when using this website:

  • It is not permitted to copy parts of this website electronically or otherwise except to the extent necessary to efficiently access this website via the Internet and use the services offered on it.
  • In principle, it is permitted to create hyperlinks to this website, provided that links are made to the main page . EnergyZero therefore expressly reserves the right to oppose so-called "deeplinks" directly to certain parts of its website.
  • It is not permitted to set up a hyperlink to this website in such a way that an Internet user will see the website in a frame from another Internet page.

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It is not permitted to use this website in a way that could hinder other Internet users or otherwise affect the proper functioning of this website, the information presented on it and/or the underlying software. Furthermore, it is not permitted to use closed parts of the website under a false name or by circumventing security measures.

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